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This is not common

Selling a home for currency doesn’t mean you sign a document plus get handed a tote of money. A currency home customer has sufficient available funds to cover the entire price of the apartment upfront. Rather than financing the purchase with a mortgage loan, the customer pays directly. Cash sales have become steadily more usual […]

Selling a rental property for cash

At one point, I decided that rental properties were a great investment. My plan was to buy up numerous single-family and multi-family homes in need of updates and repairs at an affordable price. Since I’m quite skilled in construction, I had no issues with handling the renovations. I bought a house, fixed it up super […]

Choosing to sell my house for cash

I recently read an article that said Florida has more houses for sale than anywhere across the country. Since I was looking into listing my home on the market, I was concerned about the challenges involved. The more I researched, the more I realized the sizable costs associated with closing a sale. There are numerous […]

Reasons why selling quick is smart

There are lots of reasons why homeowners require an especially quick sale of their property. Foreclosures, probate, impending bankruptcy, health troubles or the need to transfer immediately all necessitate a speedy transference of ownership. Cash home clients offer an easy solution. They buy houses in any condition. Properties that have suffered structural disfigurement due to […]