After family left Jax I wanted to sell my home quick

All my family moved to Jacksonville, Florida.

I had two brothers and my parents all living within a few roads of each other.

My husband and I quickly bought a house and set up camp. We weren’t totally happy with the area, we aren’t city people. Living on top of neighbors was awful. There were stray dogs, loud noises, and scary people walking around. Being near all the shops, restaurants, and bars wasn’t worth what we got. Our house was small but we were okay as long as we were near my family. Slowly everyone moved. My parents moved an hour down south. My oldest brother moved towards the river. My younger brother went to the beach. My husband and I then decided we were going to go more rural and where we could afford a better place. We found a house that we just loved. The issue was getting a downpayment. Listing our old place with a real estate agent would have taken too much time. So what we did instead was just find a Jacksonville, Florida property buyer that does cash deals. A cash home offer was so much more appealing due to the time saved. We needed the money quickly if we were going to jump on that new house. The two of us sold for I believe a good price and said goodbye to Jax living for good. I have no regrets at all. Selling for cash was quicker and I believe gave us a better end price. I also didn’t have to deal with a real estate agent or buyers.

cash for incomplete construction property