The cash home buyer gave us a better price than listing it did

That is how we ended up finding a cash home buyer in Jax

My husband and I searched high and low for the perfect house. We wanted privacy, property, and proximity to my parents. We found a house just down the street that fit those criteria. The idea was my parents would be around to help us when we eventually have kids. Well my parents moved shortly after we moved in. Can you believe that? The house was bigger than our rental but not so big that we can house more than one child. Living in Jax, FL you don’t have a lot of options for property. You pay top dollar for barely any land. After looking around my husband and I realized that we wanted to move further south where things were cheaper. We would get more property and privacy. We have given up on being close to my parents. The snag was getting rid of our Jacksonville house. Sure all the real estate agents were interested but they all listed the proper way too high. Nobody wanted to tour it. It also looked bad to knock so much money off. Anybody interested wanted tons of renovations. My husband and I found a new house quickly and wanted to make a downpayment. That is how we ended up finding a cash home buyer in Jax. The cash offer was very appealing since we could get rid of a house and buy a new one much faster. It also eliminated the need for closing costs, real estate agent fees, and requirements to update the old place. It was a better option for the two of us in the end.


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