Selling house due to divorce

All they require is a bit of information

When I filed for divorce, it was not an amicable split. My ex-husband deliberately ran up credit card bills because both our names were linked to the card. He refused to help with any home repairs and caused damage to the lawn by driving across it. Although he wouldn’t admit it, I know that he stole some of my jewelry and pawned it. He drove my car with a suspended license and got into an accident. He struggled to hold down a job our entire marriage and has been a financial drain. He has destroyed my credit and undermined my self-esteem. It was a huge relief to finally terminate the marriage, and I wanted to sever all ties as quickly and effectively as possible. Since we still owed money on the house, it seemed best to sell it. I was willing to split the income from the home equally despite his lack of contribution to the down payment or mortgage. My eagerness to get out of the situation made me reluctant to go through the process of finding realtor, listing the process and accommodating showings. I knew that any expenses that resulted in a home inspection would be my responsibility. I didn’t trust my ex-husband not to undermine the process. The best solution for the situation was to go through a cash homebuyer. There are several reputable companies available in the Jacksonville area. The offer reasonable estimates online within an hour of completing the form. All they require is a bit of information. The closing was painless and handled in ten days.


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