How to sell a home with no closing costs

I was talking to a realtor about buying a current house, i told them exactly what I wanted as well as where I wanted to live, and the lady took down all the information as well as told me she would do some research as well as call me when she found something to show me. The afternoon she called me, she offered to drive me to the house. I was going to tell her no, even though I felt it would be less gas I would have to spend my savings for. I ended up seeing houses that were nothing like I wanted. The one home that matched my criteria was in the middle of nowhere. The only home that suited the location was in an HOA, which I didn’t want. I said she knew I didn’t want to live in a neighborhood or in the middle of nowhere, as well as I did not want to live in a trailer or a double house. The only things she got right was that I said I didn’t want to spend my savings the closing costs, she frowned as well as looked at me oddly. She said I told her low closing. I told her to rip up our contractor because I no longer wanted to labor with her or her supplier. She said she could find a arena where I owed no closing cost, however it would be hard to find that with the criteria I had in housing. She hadn’t yet met my criteria, so I doubted she would find a seller who would agree to me not paying the closing costs, as well as I insisted on no closing costs.



No closing costs