I didn’t want to sell our inherited house but I had no choice

My Grandparents were a joyful part of our life for all of the years I was blessed to have them here. When our parents were being too strict or forceful, they would remind myself and others that life is bigger than their troubles as well as gave myself and others a safe environment to go to whenever I needed a change of pace. But when I reached high university, both of us l earned the horrible news that our Grandpa was tested with leukemia, but she survived for a year longer than the doctors expected because of the several rounds of chemotherapy, but she finally gave her last goodbyup when I was 17 before passing away in her sleep peacefully a single evening. It was horrible to lose our affectionate Grandpa, but I felt incredibly grateful for the hours of time I was able to spend with him over the previous 17 years. Sadly, our Grandmother faced a similar fate when she was tested with bone cancer a few years later. She held on longer than our Grandpa because her cancer was found in an earlier stage, however she still passed away within three years of her diagnosis. Since our parents had just recently bought a brand new beach house as well as our Grandparents had no other surviving children to pass their beach house down to, I was surprised to learn that I inherited their seasoned house. And if the economy hadn’t tanked I would have never considered selling our inherited house. I didn’t want to sell our beach house fast for cash, nor did I want to sell our beach house with a realtor involved because of the closing fees. I found a private buyer as well as sold our inherited beach house after reaching an agreement on the price.

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