The price of PVC coated tie wire was higher than I expected

I use a large amount of rebar tie wire in our business, rebar tie wire has a ton of unusual uses. It is incredibly flexible & soft. It can be bent into numerous unusual shapes. Rebar tie wire is sold by the coil! This identifiable design makes it genuinely efficient & straight-forward to use. The rebar tie wire fits inside of a special bag that can be used to actually distribute the wire without holding the entire coil in your hand! For the past 5 years, I have been using the same local metal dealer for all of our rebar tie wire needs. They carry stainless steel, galvanized, annealed, & PVC coated rebar tie wire… No matter what application I need the materials for, the metal dealer has exactly what I need every time. I had a sizable task Last week & I went to the online website to order more items from the metal dealer. I noticed the price of PVC coated tie wire was higher than I expected. I have been purchasing PVC coated rebar tie wire from the dealer for 5 years & the price has never been higher than $129 for a roll. The price of the PVC coated rebar tie wire was $160 a roll. I couldn’t guess the price difference. It was nearly 30% more. The price on all of the tie wire was higher. I contacted the client repair center & I spoke with a dealer employer. I wanted to recognize more about the higher prices & how long they were going to be valid.

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