The 18 gauge imported steel was cheaper

I was ordering supplies from an online website & some of the items were on sale.

  • I changed my order, because I had the ability to buy 18 gauge imported steel for a cheaper price.

I frequently use American-made steel, because of the infrastructure bill. In order to qualify for government funding, the materials used for construction projects have to be made in america. When I am working on residential or commercial projects that have nothing to do with the government, I use the cheapest materials that I can find. I use a lot of 18 gauge category 304 stainless steel. The 18 gauge category 304 stainless steel imported was $30 cheaper for a coil than the United States made steel, then on the last construction project, I decided to go with the foreign steel products. I saved a ton of currency, & the steel was just as durable & bendy as the American-made steel that I usually purchase. In fact, I absolutely did not notice any difference at all in the strength or durability of the steel. The only difference was the price & the origin of the metal. I wish I could have stocked up on the 18 gauge category 304 stainless steel ironworker wire & double loop bar ties, but most of my jobs are government contracts & I will not be able to use those materials on those projects. I purchased the items that I needed for the upcoming job only. I particularly don’t savor to keep a lot of stock in the warehouse unless I think I will be able to use it in the next few weeks.

Galvanized Rebar wire ties