The school called with really bad news

Monday through Friday, you can find me at work.

  • I am the foreman at a metal plant that creates products like rebar, rebar tie wire, and double loop wire ties.

I’ve been with the company since both of my kids were young. I think my 10-year anniversary will be sometime next year. I started off in the packaging department and I moved to the plant foreman position a couple of years ago. I work during the day and I am home every weekend with my family. The kids are getting to be older now and they absolutely need to have both my wife and I around on the weekends when they can get into trouble. My oldest boy is turning 13 in a couple of weeks. I am certainly worried that he is going to get into some trouble. When I was working at the rebar and rebar tie wire plant on monday, my boss came to find me with a phone call. He told me that the phone call was from the school where my 13-year-old attends. The principal was on the phone. He tried to contact my wife first so he didn’t have to bother me at the rebar and rebar tie wire plant. He had already left a few messages for my wife. I knew she was at the spa with her friends and her phone was probably off. I left work to go to the school. The principal suspended my 13 year old for 3 days because he was fighting. I had to take the rest of the day off.
16 gauge rebar wire ties