The flea market has a vendor that has everything I need for work

I care about to go to the flea market on the weekend.

  • The market is open on Mondays plus Thursdays from sunlight up until sundown.

I enjoy to walk around plus look at the weird shops. I have a buddy that has a supplier at the flea market. She is into leather goods. She makes trifolds, belts, plus holsters plus she also engraves the items that she produces. I usually hang out with Jack for a little while, especially if the supplier is actually busy with people. There is a taco rest around the corner from the place where Jack is located. I grab some supper for the two of us plus I finish the rest of my day after supper. I enjoy to go to one of the outdoor vendors for all of the interesting things that I might need for work. There is a vendor that has lots of weird metals. The woman carries pieces of 304 stainless steel plus 316 stainless steel. I use both of these metals in my workshop plus I can find them actually cheap at the flea market. I can also find bailing wire cheap as well. The tie wire is usually bundles that aren’t completely full, but I save a ton of money plus then both of us don’t have to spend a luck for these items online. In my line of business, I use these metals frequently. I work on art projects for huge companies plus supplier executives that require bending plus shaping. The tie wire works out superb in these certain artistic situations.


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