I took off the morning so I could go with my wife

I took Monday morning off of work, even though my boss was very unhappy with my decision.

I didn’t know that my wife was going to have a doctor’s appointment until Friday afternoon.

I knew that my boss was going to have a fit. The guy always complains if we don’t give two weeks notice when we need to have a day off. I reminded my boss that it was only going to be the morning. He was still aggravated, because I was supposed to help unload two large trucks that were filled with pallets of rebar, rebar tie wire, and other rebar supplies. I didn’t schedule the doctor’s appointment and there was no way for my wife to change the time. The appointment was at 10:00 a.m. We waited almost 45 minutes for the doctor. By the time my wife was finished, it was lunch time. I decided to have some lunch with my wife before I went back to the job site. I honestly thought the guys would be finished on loading all of the rebar, rebar tie wire, and double loop wire ties. My boss was kind enough to wait to unload the shipment until I got there later that afternoon. I spent the rest of the afternoon helping Jack and Charlie unload the truck. I knew my boss was trying to make a point, but it didn’t bother me that he waited to unload the truck. I was happy that I got to go to the doctor’s appointment with my wife and see a picture of our baby for the first time.


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