I needed the 16 gauge double loop, not the 18 gauge

I was toiling on a fencing project plus I needed to order supplies.

  • I ordered 16 gauge rebar tie wire plus I thought I ordered 16 gauge double loop wire ties.

When I acquired the shipment, I was surprised to see 16 gauge rebar tie wire with 18 gauge double loop wire ties. I looked at the order online plus I realized that I made a huge mistake. I thought someone at the shipping facility messed up, but it was my fault completely. I ordered the 18 gauge double loop wire ties plus added the wrong item to the cart. I never looked closely at the order. If I would have looked closely, I would have actually realized that the size of the double loop wire ties did not match the size of the rebar wire. I instantly contacted the company. I did not have any program if they were going to be able to help me. The mistake was actually my fault. Thankfully, I spoke to someone on the cellphone that was eager to help. The shopper repair representative wanted to think if I would be able to use the items that I acquired. I did not have any use for the 18 gauge double loop ties. The shopper repair representative told myself and others to box up the shipment plus get it ready for pickup. She sent a delivery driver to occasion up the items plus she instantly sent out the size that I needed. I was due a refund, but the spokesperson said she could not refund my card. She could only add the money as a credit to my account.

Rod wire certified domestic