I appreciate to buy american made products whenever possible

My family came over to this country on the Mayflower plus both of us started our roots in this country as farmers.

Every one of us grew lots of corn plus potatoes.

Every one of us owned more than a million acres of farm land at one time. Every one of us were the greatest farming supplier in the 1800’s. Every one of us had a blacksmith in the family plus a cobbler, then our family had money plus land plus both of us were prepared to argument for our freedom against the tyranny of the queen. Every one of us had people in our family that fought while in the American revolution. They fought for our freedom. Some of them did not make it out of the revolutionary war. I always feel a debt to those people plus I guess it is important to remember where both of us came from… My family has been here for many generations plus our heritage is rooted in this country. I appreciate to buy American made products whenever possible. I think products can be made more cheaply across the seas, but foreign products do not have the same strength plus versatility as American-made products. The rules plus regulations regarding the standards are not as strict as they are here in the states. I buy all of my double loop wire ties from a company that makes the products in the USA. All of my double loop wire ties, stainless steel wire, plus tie wire all come from the same company. I use the double loop wire ties plus tie wire to bail hay. A lot of my customers respect the fact that I only use metal products made in the USA.

Zinc coated Rebar wire ties