We’re working in the summer heat with hectic building deadlines right now

I hate working in the hot summer sun with hectic deadlines being imposed on us from upper management.

  • Before I was given a chance to work in the building department, I was on the landscape crew and we would lay sod and plant flowers and shrubs in the yards of the new houses after the building crew finished their work.

We all prefer the winter labor because the temperatures are often in the 40s and 50s during the day when we’re busy at work on the homes we’re all building together. There was a major disruption in building contracts during the COVID-19 pandemic while supply chain shortages and backups forced some contractors to put a halt to previous schedules and deadlines. My state had some pretty heavy pandemic lockdowns and restrictions so I noticed the loss of work immediately when my paycheck suddenly dropped. Thankfully that’s no longer an issue now, but it’s almost worse now that I am under these insane deadlines in the middle of the summer with 90 degree temperatures at bare minimum each day. I am a steel rebar tie wire welder and I can say that my job becomes a living nightmare when I have to do it in weather with 100-plus heat indexes each day. On top of the heat from my welding equipment, the coils of rebar tie wire absorb radiant heat from the sun while they sit out before I’m able to get to them. That means the rebar is already hot before I even get to it with my welding equipment, making the job of installing the rebar wire ties even harder than normal.
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