There are solutions for rust-resistant rebar wire in coastal construction applications

I moved to the ocean after years of living up north and subjecting myself to worsening winter freezes.

Temperatures at negative thirty degrees fahrenheit are no joke, especially when the wind chill is even colder than that.

I asked myself how much more of this I could subject myself to before losing my mind of freezing to death some winter because I become incapable of keeping the house warm enough through spring. Even with this very-real possibility in the forefront of my mind, it took me a number of years to at last convince myself that I should sell my house and buy a beach condominium somewhere down south. I was worried that all of the condos for sale down south are made with foreign materials that aren’t certified domestic or made in the USA. However, I found an amazing building company that marketed their American-made philosophy above and before anything else. They talked about using certified domestic concrete and steel rebar tie wire in the condo buildings that they construct. Their American-made steel rebar tie wire is galvanized and rust-resistant, making it ideal for coastal construction applications like beach condominiums. They spent years finding the best steel rebar tie wire manufacturers before choosing the certified domestic dealer they operate with currently. It makes me feel better about throwing my money into a condo if I know that the building isn’t going to crumble with me inside of it randomly in the middle of the night. I want to know that it’s going to last for all of the years that I intend on living inside of it.


Forming wire made in USA