My region is constantly hit with rain and thunderstorms year long

Before I moved into this area, I was used to having very little precipitation throughout the year.

In the winter the temperatures hovered in the high 30s and only snowed every now and then.

As far as rain was concerned, that was almost always confined to the late summer months, with perhaps a few thunderstorms here and there in the spring and autumn seasons as well. I miss those years because I was able to play outdoors with my friends for most of the summer without getting rained on and having to move our activities indoors like so many kids prefer these days. I actually enjoyed being outside playing street hockey and soccer with my friends on the weekends and during daylight hours when we got home from school. While I don’t have kids yet, I can’t imagine they would appreciate the sort of weather I experience nowadays if they were at all like me in wanting to be outside at that age. In my new environment we have precipitation all year long. Whenever it’s not cold enough for hail or snow, we have on and off rain throughout a good portion of the year. Anyone building with concrete has to take into account the additional moisture that it will be subjected to during its relatively short lifetime getting the same amount of precipitation that other climates experience in a decade by comparison. Concrete is porous and the steel rebar tie wire and the wire ties connecting the rebar tie wire together will inevitably corrode to some degree over long stretches of time. Using galvanized, zinc coated, or stainless steel rebar tie wire will definitely length the lifetime of the rebar tie wire being used and the concrete that it’s holding in place.


16 gauge stainless steel tie wire