My grandfather’s company is building new condominiums with galvanized steel rebar wire

I’m proud to be from a family of business owners.

  • My parents for instance own an outdoor recreation company that specializes in renting canoes and kayaks to people wanting to traverse our coastal waterways.

They make the majority of their money for the year during the peak of tourist season, which for us is during the late autumn, winter, and early spring. People flock to the beaches here from up north because of their frigid winters that are getting increasingly colder with time. On top of that, the population is swelling in this city because the council members have worked hard the past decade to persuade building developers like my grandfather’s company to move into the area and agree to huge commercial and residential projects. For instance, my grandfather’s company is working on a set of new condominiums that are intended to use certified domestic materials that will last the longest amount of time compared to the sorts of building materials in other condominiums in the exact same neighborhood. A lot of people are understandably worried about moving into high-rise condominiums after what happened in Surfside, Florida last year, but that’s why you simply work with American-made supplies like galvanized zinc-coated steel rebar tie wire and certified domestic concrete. That way you have a building that is rated for 100 years instead of 50. I can’t imagine feeling safe in an old high-rise with exposed, rusted steel rebar tie wire and crumbling concrete. Unfortunately, you can’t always be sure of the quality of a building’s construction materials if you don’t have the paper records or watched it go up with your own eyes.

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