My brother is stressed out because his company needs supplies but can’t get them

I’m extremely happy to see my brother excelling as a small business owner here in our home town.

Back in our younger years, I worried about his reckless behavior and how it would eventually affect his future.

He had a group of friends that would go out and drink away their weekends until slinking back to their apartments while blacked out in a drunken stupor. It wasn’t that he was lazy or lacking in any goals, hopes, or dreams—it was watching my brother follow down the same path that led to our father’s death by liver failure only six years prior. Thankfully my brother met an amazing woman who inspired him to change his habits and stop drinking recklessly every single day of the week. He stopped drinking daily, then only once a week, before switching to once a month and ending with no alcohol whatsoever. He’s clean now and running a building supply company. He sells primarily concrete and steel rebar tie wire supplies to contractors from all over the state. He’s really stressed out right now because he’s short on type 304 and type 316 stainless steel rebar tie wire and double loop wire ties. His supplier is able to give him galvanized and zinc coated steel rebar tie wire, but the types 304 and 316 stainless steel are out of stock from all of the supply companies that he has in his contacts book. I’m trying to help him find a new supplier for stainless steel rebar tie wire, especially 14 gauge and 16 gauge rebar tie wire coils.

16 gauge stainless steel tie wire