I warned the apartment manager against not using rebar in the sidewalk construction

It’s always hard when you sign leases on apartments that get sold while your contract is still active.

  • You are six months into your annual lease and suddenly you are renting from a new company altogether, often one that is seeking to run the same business with lower operating costs to squeeze what little profit out they can in the short term.

Then they sell the apartments to a different company that tries to do the same exact thing. But since they simply honor the terms of your existing lease in the short term, it’s just a waiting game for them until your lease expires and you’re at the receiving end of an increasingly unfair negotiation process. They always want to increase the cost of rent while adding useless and unnecessary rolls in the proces. And when they need to make fixes, repairs, or upgrades to the buildings, units, or grounds, I just shake my head. They got the cheapest and most poorly-rated asphalt company in this whole town to reseal and resurface our parking lot. Despite several residents bringing this up with the property managers, they went forward with hiring this dubious company. Just like we expected, they did a terrible job and it’s already cracking again not 12 months later. Recently they decided to replace some of the cracked and broken sidewalks but they did it cheaply. I told them to use steel rebar in the concrete to give it more stability and prevent future dcracking. It doesn’t cost that much money to buy a coil of rebar tie wire and a handful of wire ties to get that part of the job done.


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