I want to build a new footbridge leading into my small koi pond out back

At some point in the last few years, I lost any sort of restraint when it came to my backyard and the improvements and projects therein.

It started with the metal-frame swimming pool and the large wooden deck that I built around it.

I even built a water slide for my kids to use, which has become a huge hit among their friends that come over and spend time at our place. But since we live on 20 acres of land and have a huge backyard as a result, I definitely didn’t stop with the above-ground swimming pool. Once the pool was complete, we then worked on a small soccer field with two full-sized goals. My kids have all been interested in soccer from a young age, as it’s the same sport I played when I was a child as well. After my wife and I finally completed these two projects, I told her I wanted to do something for myself. For years I have wanted a small koi pond wherever I have lived. Even though we were renting before we purchased this property, I used to dream about digging a large hole in the backyard to put in a koi pond that I could simply remove after moving away. However, I never convinced myself that it was worth the trouble. But since we own the current property and don’t face any deed restrictions in this area, I was able to slowly build my koi pond whichever way I wanted it to look. This includes a new footbridge that will be like a small pier so I can walk to the center of the water and sit down in peace. The wooden pier itself will be attached to a concrete block that will be its base. I decided to use rebar tie wire and a bunch of wire ties to get better structural stability. Since it will face water and moisture exposure, I want to use stainless steel rebar tie wire.

Wire ties