I like to use old build materials to make new things out of them

I was happy when my uncle said I could have whatever I wanted out of his old workshop.

Since he was moving his equipment to a new facility, he needed to get rid of old metal fittings, piping, PVC, HVAC ducts, wood, wire, rebar, and other various building supplies.

I learned in college how to repurpose old building supplies into new things, especially now that I’m looking to do small home improvements whenever I have the time to set aside for the work. For instance, I took a pile of wood paneling and old sheets of steel sheet metal for HVAC ducts to make a new porch awning for my backyard. It was an exciting project because I wasn’t exactly sure how it would turn out until it was done. I was improvising throughout the project with a few scant ideas lifted from Youtube videos I had watched on the subject. This week I was over at my uncle’s old workshop for the last time to see what he had left, and I was surprised to simply see a few coils of galvanized steel rebar tie wire that he was using to make sidewalks and porches for his handyman side business. He thought they got accidentally thrown away and had already replaced them by the time he saw them hiding behind a large box in the corner. He said I could keep the coils of galvanized rebar tie wire as long as I took them with me that same day. Little did I know, but my uncle was getting rushed out of the old facility by his landlord and needed the space empty by the following morning. Now I can make a metal fence for my front yard like I have always wanted, especially since the galvanized steel rebar tie wire is resistant to rust and corrosion, while also being more flexible than stainless steel.


18 gauge double loop rebar ties