Why am I buying galvanized tie wire coils when I don't need to?

My spouse sent myself and others to the tractor supply store to purchase galvanized tie wire coils, but i didn’t suppose what he needed it for, and I didn’t suppose to ask.

I figured he had called ahead to tell them how huge a coil he needed and what gauge wire he needed, when I got to the tractor supply store, I told them I needed 2 galvanized tie wire coils, and he asked what I needed it for, and I pulled out our PC.

I was hoping our spouse had his PC on him, because he was the only 1 who knew what he needed. When he answered, I asked what he needed the galvanized tie wire coils for? He said he had about many hundred yards of fence wire to put up to keep the coats and pigs from escaping. He wanted galvanized tie wire, because it would not corrode and it was pretty much waterproof. He wanted at less 1500 yard of tie wire, whether it was in 1 coil or several; he didn’t care, the gentleman at the tractor supply store abruptly loaded the galvanized tie wire coils into our truck, and I pulled out… Knowing where he was using the galvanized tie wire, I headed down into the pasture and dropped it off before he could ask myself and others to. I later wondered why he hadn’t picked it up when he was neighborhood earlier. He said he had remembered everything but the fencewire, and he was sure I would not mind going into to neighborhood for him. I believe he forgot I was supposed to babysit our granddaughter that day.

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